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You can’t be successful unless you are influent. And you can’t be influent unless you connect with people. Learn how to have better relationships by taking action.

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ABOUT AUTHOR – Ramona Radu

With a degree in international business and financial management, I started my career as a university teacher, then worked in banking, in a management position and after that I followed the entrepreneurial path.
Trainer, Coach & Public Speaker, I access and deliver world class leadership information, in a simple way.


According to Harvard Business Review, the ability to communicate efficiently is the number one reason for being promoted in any company. I am sure you already knew that; you must have seen intelligent people that failed and less capable people that were promoted.
Reading a book or going to conferences do not change our lives, but at most the way we think. We are aware that only action makes a real difference.
That is why, after you enroll in this program, you will receive daily challenges to help you improve your ability to connect with others; since a journal is an efficient personal development instrument, you will be able to write down some ideas of the day and monitor your progress.

The duration of the program is 90 days and you can go through it 4 times, that is 1 year starting the subscription date.


To you, who wants to be successful.

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Whom am I going to encourage today? What shall I tell him or her?

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Learning to connect with people

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